About Me

Born in Suffolk, England 1949

Art college for Foundation Studies in Ipswich prepared me for a Diploma of Art & Design in Ceramics at West of England College of Art, Bristol, graduating in 1971. 
In 1993 I emigrated to The Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USA where I continue to teach art in various institutions. This role as teacher has made me a better student, learning from so many different sources about the significant and importance of the Arts in this increasingly de-personalized world. 
In October 2014, I returned to my East Anglian home in England, but specifically to Norwich to study for a Masters Degree in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts. My focus has been on painting, which so pointedly relates to my method of working with vitreous enamel, the other medium I use to create paintings with that medium.

I focus on questions of uncertainty in relation to abstract painting. My research into contemporary practice of painting and wall panel vitreous enamelling has helped to articulate an understanding that is about context, concept and content. Whilst my work has a concern with narrative, the materiality of the medium itself is investigated. My intention is to create images whose apparently simple composition is unsettled by their more challenging underlying content. This has led me to try and negotiate a path between this position and that of dealing with my primary concern of paint qua paint and engagement with the image itself. This is partially revealed through an exploration of the fractured surface of the support in order to evoke a sense of presence within the mark making. This practice of testing possibilities through a process of considerable deliberation often raises further questions.

Through this exploration, I have come to an understanding that a sense of uncertainty can provide a way to investigate and find form for those things for which we have no language.

August 2015